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Jonas Cramby

Jonas Cramby

Krogliv och hemmamatlagning med Cafés matskribent.

Bästa dialogen i senaste The Office

 |  Publicerad 2011-10-07 16:12  |  Lästid: < 1 minut

Andy: Oscar, who is the most jacked guy in all of Scranton. Like your ultimate fantasy guy?
Oscar: Bulk or definition?
Andy: Definition.
Oscar: Bruce Kenwood. He hangs out in Planet Fitness.
Andy: Are those showmuscles or is he really strong?
Oscar: Oh, he is plenty strong.

Oscar in i kameran: It used to be Reggie Winters, out of Golds gym. But he moved away. Then it was between Bruce and this guy Dean. But Dean got fixated on his calves and his triceps went to hell.

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